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Welcome to Boise Elementary Spanish

Boise Elementary Spanish provides immersive language education to prepare students for success in a multilingual world.

In 1992, our non-profit organization introduced Spanish language and culture classes to a number of Boise grade schools.

As we begin our 25th year, we recognize that language learning at a young age is now more than just a good idea, it is essential.  All parents want to give their children the foundation and tools that they need to successfully navigate the world when they reach adulthood.

 Learning a language is a marathon, not a sprint. It requires time, commitment, and patience. The immersion language approach is rated as the most successful way of learning a second language. By immersion, we mean that 90-95% of our classes are taught entirely in Spanish.  It is completely normal for students to go through a "deer in headlights" adjustment period if they have not had previous exposure to an additional language beyond English.  Children quickly adjust and adapt to the immersion class format.

Our goal is for every Boise Elementary Spanish student to view Spanish class as the best part of their day.

Spanish is the second most spoken world language.  Over 52.6 million people speak Spanish in the United States today, which equates to more than 16% of our total population.  Opportunities surround us every day to use and apply the invaluable education that Boise Elementary Spanish provides.


Boise Elementary Spanish (BES) is a non-profit organization teaching Spanish to children in K-6th grades.  Our classes are held twice a week, and we teach at nearly a dozen elementary schools in Boise. Our purpose is to provide Spanish language education and broaden cultural awareness. We embrace the reality that success in the 21st Century requires the acquisition of a second language.