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Please join us for our Parent Information Night on Monday, September 26.

Date:  Monday, 9/26/16

Location:  CTA Architects Engineers offices, located in the Zion’s Bank Building in downtown Boise at 800 W. Main Street Ste. 800 (8th floor) Boise ID 83702

5:30 PM - 6:00 PM
7:00 PM - 7:30 PM

Who: Any parent of grade-school age (k-6) children in Boise who would like their student(s) to learn Spanish language.

What: Twenty minute presentation that outlines program changes, introduces exciting new opportunities for Spanish language learners of all ages, and answers parent questions about how their children can learn Spanish through Boise Elementary Spanish.
We look forward to meeting you!


Our website is currently under development to be able to process Fall enrollments. 
Online Enrollment / Registration has met with unanticipated website delays.

Please email to begin the enrollment process for Fall 2016 classes for your students. 

Classes will begin in October.

Hola BES community,

This summer has brought many changes, so we at BES would like to take a quick moment and share what’s been happening behind the scenes.

We are extremely sad to announce the unexpected passing of BES’s former Executive Director, Chad Ishiyama. Chad served as a teacher and BES director for the past ten years. He loved our program and devoted so much to ensure the success of the students and staff. He taught at nearly all eleven schools where BES resides and impacted a countless number of students. Chad’s servant heart and leadership will be dearly missed.

On a much happier note, it is our pleasure to welcome Melissa Hassler to the role of Executive Director. Melissa is a current BES parent from Roosevelt Elementary who joined the BES board this past Spring. As Boise Elementary Spanish enters its 25th year, Melissa has a vision for how BES can make an even greater positive impact on our community in the next quarter-century.

We also welcome Carol Meli as our new Board President. Carol’s passion for Spanish language learning and diplomatic leadership acquired during her tenure at Hewlett Packard will bring fresh ideas and new areas of expertise to Boise Elementary Spanish.


Learning other languages has never been more valuable, more relevant, more useful, than it is today. Being multi-lingual provides opportunities that others who speak only one language can never experience.

Language mastery is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. It takes time, persistence, and commitment. As with sports training, often the incremental progress goes undetected. Results can be difficult to measure. But that doesn’t stop athletes from training, nor should it lead parents to consider “pulling the plug” after a couple of years of BES.

In the 2016-17 school year and beyond, Boise Elementary Spanish will do a better job of challenging our kindergarteners through sixth graders as they improve each year.

Not only will BES provide immersive instruction to our students, it will aim to inspire students of all ages to apply new language skills in practical applications and everyday environments.

We invite you to become a part of our BES community, where any and all Spanish speakers are welcome. If you have feedback, or interest in volunteering with, or teaching for, Boise Elementary Spanish, we want to hear from you! Please reach out directly to Executive Director Melissa Hassler.

A very big “Thank You” for everyone's support throughout the past twenty five years! We are excited for what's to come.

Saludos cordiales,

The Boise Elementary Spanish Board of Directors


Boise Elementary Spanish (BES) is a non-profit organization teaching Spanish to children in K-6th grades.  Our classes are held twice a week, and we teach at 10 elementary schools in Boise. Our purpose is to provide Spanish language education and broaden cultural awareness. We embrace the reality that success in the 21st Century requires the acquisition of a second language.